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Front view of blue 1fl. oz bottle 3-in-1 dietary supplement 150MG hemp oil extract. On white background.
White background with blue tincture bottle. Front view. Hemp Flavored 450MG hemp oil extract.
White background with blue 1fl oz bottle of Alevas 150MG hemp oil strawberry flavored.
CBD 3-in-1 Hemp Oil Extract (30mL)
Product image of blue tincture Alevas CBD oil facing forward, watermelon flavoring
450mg hemp oil extract product image. Alevas blue tincture dropper bottle with watermelon flavor.
Blueberry flavored alevas product image of 3-in-1 dietary supplment hemp oil extract. 150 mg on white background.
Blueberry flavored hemp oil bottle, blue bottle on white background. Product image facing label forward. 1 fl oz 30 mL.
Label for Blueberry-150 mg vg, tincture and water soluble hemp oil extract
Product Label-Strawberry-150 mg dietary water soluble. Horizontal.
Horizontal Product Label-Hemp-150 mg dietary water soluble. Horizontal.
Label-Watermelon-150 mg
Label-Blueberry-450 mg
Label-Strawberry-450 mg
Label-Hemp-450 mg
Label-Watermelon-450 mg
Lab-Report-Blueberry-450 mg
Lab-Report-Blueberry-150 mg
Lab-Report-Hemp-150 mg
Lab-Report-Hemp-450 mg
Lab-Report-Strawberry-150 mg
Lab-Report-Strawberry-450 mg
Lab-Report-Watermelon-150 mg
Lab-Report-Watermelon-450 mg

CBD 3-in-1 Hemp Oil Extract (30mL)

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Our CBD 3-in-1 Hemp Oil Extract offers multiple wellness benefits. The product has been very popular due to it’s versatility as a VG (vegetable glycerin) based tincture. It is also simultaneously water-soluble and vapable. This versatile and easy to use product is a 3-in-1 tincture which can be taken orally under the tongue, put in water, or vaped because of the vegetable glycerin base. 

By making our CBD products locally and sourcing locally-grown hemp, we ensure the quality of every ingredient that goes into every batch. We leverage nanotechnology to make products that are more potent, fast-absorbing and have better bioavailability. 

With our 3-in-1 Hemp Oil Extract you can now supplement your diet with enough CBD for improved overall wellbeing. You can use our CBD tincture with food or liquids. Buy our premium 3-in-1 Tincture with trust knowing we continue to ensure the highest quality.