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About Alevas

You can understand why we are so passionate.

Alevas started in 2017 as a simple idea, to provide a quality product. Initially, we thought of it as nothing more than a unique product in a fun and exciting industry. We saw it as an opportunity to open a handful of brick and mortar stores to get CBD products into as many hands as we could. 

After first-hand experiences with the profound effects CBD had on our customers, ourselves, and family members, Alevas quickly became more than just a company to us. Alevas became our passion and more importantly, a mission to help change the lives of as many people as possible. We place the welfare and care of our customers above all else and continue to provide the highest quality CBD products available with the most advanced manufacturing. We follow only the best industry standards and continue to strive every day to raise the standards for customer care, quality, and education in this rapidly evolving industry. 


I've been using the Water Soluble CBD for more than a year now. The benefits for me are amazing. It has helped me tremendously dealing with daily stresses and my feelings of being overwhelmed. I now get a more restful night of sleep. Not only can I better focus on day to day activities but I can remember things more vividly. Overall I have a more calming feeling when life happens if you know what I mean.

Linus L

The minute I drank a bottle of water with a few drops I found instant relief from discomfort that was causing me aches that had been lasting days. I know it helps me personally with calming overwhelming and anxious type feelings. And the shaking problem I’ve always had has gone down especially after having this everyday!

Kaitlyn L

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