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Water-Soluble vs. “Typical” CBD — What’s the Difference?

Have you tried CBD yet?

At this point, odds are good you have! 

And unless you’ve tried CBD from a select few brands, odds are good your CBD has been the normal kind: fat-soluble, slow-absorbing, and only moderately bioavailable. 

Even if you loved the results it gave you, there’s actually lots of room for improvement. That’s all thanks to a new type of CBD oil called water-soluble CBD that makes hemp’s important compounds more potent than ever. 

In this article, we’ll be taking a closer look at water-soluble CBD, how it’s different from the normal stuff, and how its benefits could help you. Here’s an outline: 

  • What is “Typical” CBD?
  • What is Water-Soluble CBD?
  • Can I Find Water-Soluble CBD Near Me?
  • How Do I take Water-Soluble CBD?

What is “Typical” CBD?

To really understand what makes water-soluble CBD so special, it’s helpful to also understand normal CBD and some of its qualities, strengths, and limitations. 

Normal CBD is produced from hemp that’s been extracted with a non-polar solvent like CO₂. This solvent does a great job of stripping the fat-soluble (aka oily!) active ingredients out of hemp and into a more concentrated form, almost like an essential oil. So far so good, right?

This oily, dense extract is then diluted with another fat — a carrier oil — and bottled into its final form. Everything about normal CBD is fat-based, which in some cases may be alright.   

But there’s a catch: the human body is 60% water...and oil and water don’t tend to mix. This partially explains why normal CBD isn’t absorbed very well. It’s a wonderful product, but it interacts with the human body kind of clumsily.

What is Water-Soluble CBD?

Water-soluble CBD starts off at the very same point that the normal stuff does: as a dense and oily hemp extract. 

From there, though, things take a turn. Through a process called nanoemulsification, this initial hemp extract has its CBD molecules separated from each other and dispersed evenly throughout a liquid.

The result is a CBD product that’s been optimized and standardized at the molecular level. Water-soluble CBD also provides CBD with a greater surface area over which to work, which means it can bind to your body’s receptor sites in more areas. 

Overall, the water-soluble delivery system is up to ten times more bioavailable than regular CBD oil. It also kicks in much faster. 

Can I Find Water-Soluble CBD Near Me?

While water-soluble CBD is more available than ever, the premium technology needed to make it means it’s still pretty rare. You probably won’t find water-soluble CBD at the local pharmacy or health food store. 

But there’s also good news: you can easily order water-soluble CBD online from a reputable company like Alevas. And look for Alevas’s products to begin showing up at more physical locations in the very near future!

How Do I take Water-Soluble CBD?

Water-soluble CBD is designed specifically to be put into another liquid. You can easily add it to your favorite beverage of choice! It’ll mix perfectly into coffee, tea, sports drinks, and even alcohol. 

Taking your daily dose of CBD just got a whole lot more interesting. Plus our water-soluble CBD oil comes in four delicious it should be easy to find one (or more than one!) that works for you.