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The Importance of Trust in The World of CBD

Has the CBD industry grown too fast for its own good?

Today’s CBD industry is filled with literally thousands of companies pushing an even greater number of products. And some of these companies are less reputable than others. But in today’s world of fancy product packaging and perfect marketing plans, how’s the average customer to tell?

Thankfully, there are a few proven metrics customers can use to identify a company worthy of their trust. Here are five of the most important ones! 

  • Trust Trait #1: Transparency
  • Trust Trait #2: Real Passion
  • Trust Trait #3: Pure Products
  • Trust Trait #4: Customer Support
  • Trust Trait #5: An Effort to Educate


If a company is doing things with integrity, they’ll have nothing to hide. Pretty intuitive, right?

So look for CBD companies that are transparent with as much as possible: why they started, where they’re located...where they get their hemp, where their products are made...even what they’re planning to do in the future to further serve their customers. Companies can also post their lab tests/COA’s online.

Real Passion

Ideally, everyone involved in the CBD industry would place improving the lives of others first. That’s not always the case — such is the human condition. 

Sometimes, it’s easy to gauge a company’s motives by looking at how their business started off. Did the company’s founders make it their mission to help one million people attain better health? Speaking of the founders, is there any info on them available online? Hopefully so...and hopefully they’re real CBD advocates with a real passion for doing their part.

Pure Products

Trustworthy companies will have trustworthy products, that much is clear. But if everyone is claiming their products are the can you really know?

Certain certifications can help. Companies can earn their trust by getting USDA-organic certified or ISO-certified. CBD companies that have true broad spectrum or full spectrum products are also trustworthy. Finally, look for companies that use natural ingredients in their products.

Customer Support

This might go without saying, but companies worthy of your trust won’t be unreachable. Far from it! The most trustworthy companies will have support available practically 24/7. 

Why? It’s inevitable that customers will have ongoing the best approach is to provide ongoing customer support.

An Effort to Educate

Here’s the final one: trustworthy CBD companies will place a premium on education. They’ll want their customers to understand how CBD works, how to dose it, and how to share it with others. 

What’s more, they’ll want to spread objective educational info...even if it doesn’t have any direct impact on sales! Raising awareness for CBD is what it’s all about, after all.