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Can Your Dog Overdose on CBD Oil? – A Scientific Analysis

Pet owners have many questions about CBD. We understand your concern as you always want the best for your furry friend.

One question we hear frequently is - can your dog overdose on CBD oil? People also ask, is it risky to give CBD products to pets? Can your dog have too much CBD and die?

Asking questions is always better than regretting later. We also encourage pet parents to ask what's on their minds to ensure their companions' wellbeing. Therefore, it is a legit query when someone wonders about the effects of CBD oil on animals.

Today, we are going to explore if dogs can overdose on CBD. But before we begin, let us assure you that CBD is quite safe and non-toxic, even for pets. We will learn more in our blog, but let's clear a basic confusion first to paint a clear picture.

Overdose vs. Toxicity: What's the Difference?

Overdose simply refers to taking something above its recommended dose. In such cases, our bodies may launch a biological response to counter the effects of the substance. You can overdose on illicit drugs, pharmaceuticals, alcohol, and many other things.

However, not all overdoses are fatal or require medical attention.

Toxicity, on the other hand, refers to poisoning caused by the intake of a substance. Toxicity is always worrisome and can turn fatal.

Therefore, you need immediate medical treatment to combat the poison in your body. Just like humans, animals can experience both overdose and toxicity.

Now, let's find out if CBD is toxic or can cause an overdose in your dog.

Is CBD Toxic for Dogs?

CBD is a safe and natural substance that comes from hemp plants. According to WHO, CBD has a safe profile and is well-tolerated by humans. Therefore, we can take CBD oil and tinctures with complete peace of mind.

Moreover, FDA has recently approved a drug with CBD that controls seizures in human patients. As a result, we can say CBD is non-toxic for humans.

However, does the same apply to your pets?

CBD oil made from hemp plants is completely safe for dogs. It can turn toxic only if the oil has a considerable amount of THC, which is harmful to animals.

However, you don't have to worry, as CBD oils come from hemp plants that legally contain less than 0.3% THC. You can always check the label to ensure your product doesn't have more.

Therefore, CBD oil is not toxic to dogs and doesn't cause any poisoning.

Can Dogs Overdose on CBD Oil?

We now know CBD is non-toxic and safe for pets. But can your dog overdose on CBD?

Let's take a look at what science says to throw more light on our topic. Researchers have started conducting preliminary studies to find out if dogs can overdose on CBD oil.

So, what did the studies conclude?

Scientists are now sure dogs cannot overdose on CBD oil. Therefore, you don't have any worries about the negative effects of CBD on animals.

In addition, pets can tolerate CBD oil quite well when administered orally. So, you can give your dog CBD oil without having a second thought about overdosing.

However, the FDA hasn't yet recommended CBD for animals. We also have very few studies that evaluate the dose and effectiveness of the substance on dogs.

Therefore, you should always consult your vet before trying CBD oil for your pet.

Our discussion clearly shows CBD oil is non-toxic, and your dog can't overdose on it. Next, we will explore if you can give too much CBD to your pet.

Can Your Dog Have Too Much CBD Oil?

Your dog doesn't have the risk of having too much CBD oil as long as you are careful about the serving size. However, it can steal a pack of CBD treats and consume more than the recommended amount. What will happen in such cases?

Worry not, as researchers have found CBD to be safe for healthy adult dogs. Additionally, CBD doesn't cause any poisoning or chemical alterations that point to poisoning. Therefore, CBD oil is well tolerated by cats and dogs, as per scientists.

Moreover, CBD is non-psychotropic and won't make your dog high. You need THC for the intoxicating effects of cannabis, which is almost missing in CBD oils.

What Happens if Your Dog Consumes Too Much CBD?

As we mentioned, your pet can finish off a pack of CBD treats when you are minding your business elsewhere. We know CBD is non-toxic, but can too much of it harm pets?

You have nothing to worry about even if your dog takes too much CBD. It will probably feel drowsy, and take a nap in the corner. After a few hours, you will find your dog happily moving about as if nothing happened.

Dogs don't have any risk from CBD oil as long as it comes from hemp plants and contains only traces of THC. You can let your pet rest and give it some water in case of overconsumption. It will be okay within a few hours as the effects of CBD die down.

How to Know if Your Dog has Taken Too Much CBD?

Your dog may appear drowsy and disoriented after taking too much CBD. It may also show signs of laziness and become less active. Additionally, pets may lose appetite, throw up, and experience diarrhea by taking large amounts of CBD oil.

However, you have no cause of concern as most of these symptoms disappear in a few hours. In addition, your dog doesn't need any treatment, according to The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

You can only give your dog something to treat its gastrointestinal discomforts.

A Few Words on THC Toxicity

THC is toxic for animals, and large doses can be problematic. THC overdose or toxicity presents a few common signs in your furry babies like:

  • Mild effects of sedation
  • Inconsistency in urinating
  • Increased sensitivity, especially on skin

However, you shouldn't have to worry as long as you stick to CBD oil for pets. They contain only trace amounts of THC and are safe for dogs.

Non-pet products may contain more THC than you expect. Therefore, you should always determine the CBD and THC content before buying your CBD oil.

Note: Take your pet to your vet if you spot signs of THC toxicity. It may need medical attention and nursing care.

What are the Side Effects of CBD Oil in Dogs?

CBD may cause mild side effects in some pets. They are quite trivial and wear off in a few hours. You may encounter the following side effects of CBD oil in your dog:

Low blood pressure: CBD can lower blood pressure in animals. You may find your dog a bit dizzy or nauseous after taking its CBD oil.

Dry mouth: Your pet can feel the urge to drink more water after a dose of CBD. Keep a bowl of water nearby so that your dog can quickly quench its thirst.

Stomach upset: Some manufacturers add additional oils to CBD products. These oils may irritate your dog's digestive system and cause loose motion. Try buying pure CBD oil without any extra ingredients that may cause your pet diarrhea.

How Can You Give CBD Oil to Dogs Safely?

A few precautions may help your pets derive the benefits of CBD oil safely. Keep the following in mind while giving CBD oil to dogs:

Choose CBD Oil for Dogs

Countless manufacturers sell CBD oil for pets. You can also purchase CBD oil for canines that are formulated only for dogs. As a result, you can give CBD to your pet with complete peace of mind.

Stick to Hemp-Derived CBD Oil

Hemp contains less than 0.3% THC by law. Therefore, CBD oil from hemp plants is far less likely to cause toxicity in pets.

In addition, go for full-spectrum CBD oil that contains other goodness of hemp for better results. You should also buy CBD oil derived from whole hemp plants and not just seeds.

Check the CBD and THC Content

Always ensure to check the CBD and THC percentage in your product. You can look for a certificate of analysis that shows the actual content of ingredients.

The point is to make sure the CBD oil doesn't have more than 0.3% THC.

Start with a Small Serving Amount

Begin with small serving sizes of CBD oil when you give it to your dog for the first time. Observe any changes in your dogs and tailor the amount accordingly.

For example, give your dog less if you find it falling asleep after having CBD oil.

Final Thoughts

CBD oil should be safe and non-toxic as long as it contains 0.3% THC or less. Your dog doesn't have any risk of overdosing or getting poisoned. However, talk to your vet and start with a conservative serving size to avoid any unpleasant effects.

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