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5 Things that Can Harm Your Dog if You Aren’t Careful while Administering CBD

The therapeutic properties of CBD are coming to light with every passing day. Scientists are beginning to research the positive effects of CBD on humans and pets, leading us to believe they are non-toxic for both us and our furry family members. As a result, countless manufacturers are now producing a plethora of CBD products for animals to reap handsome profits.

However, the FDA is yet to approve CBD for animals. Therefore, we don’t have any data on dosing or safety for manufacturers to follow. In addition, the FDA is not regulating CBD products, whether it’s for humans or your furry friends.

Therefore, brands have a free hand to decide what they add to their CBD products or claim on the label. The situation is similar to the supplement market, where you have to be very careful about what you choose.

Likewise, your dog’s safety is in your hands if you decide to give it CBD. If you aren’t cautious and well-informed, you can end up harming your pet instead of doing good. Your dog may also need immediate medical attention and even go into a coma.

Here are the top things to watch out for when giving CBD to your dog for utmost safety.

  • THC Can Lead to Toxicity in Pets

  • THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is the most active substance in marijuana or cannabis plants. It is responsible for the psychoactive effects of cannabis that get users high. You will find THC in most medical marijuana products and even in some CBD oils.

    THC is safe for humans but not for pets. Your dog can experience several unpleasant effects if it consumes THC. In addition, the substance can lead to toxicity in animals.

    However, THC poisoning in pets is seldom deadly, according to the American Kennel Club. Still, your dog may show several symptoms, like:

    • Losing sense of balance
    • Lethargy and reduced activity
    • Dribbling urination
    • Throwing up
    • Agitated behavior
    • Dilated pupils

    In serious cases, your dog may even turn comatose due to THC toxicity. You need to take your pet immediately to the vet if you see signs of marijuana poisoning in your pets.

    Buy CBD Products Derived From Hemp

    Hemp plants are used for commercial purposes like extracting fibers for making bags and clothes. You will find negligible amounts of THC in hemp plants, which has to be 0.3% or less by law.

    Therefore, CBD derived from hemp is safe for pets. They contain negligible amounts of THC and more CBD for all the therapeutic benefits.

    In addition, you don’t have to think twice about toxicity or poisoning. You can also go for full-spectrum CBD oil for dogs that come with other substances from hemp for better results. Some of them are CBG, CBDA, and CBC.

  • Always Evaluate Additional Ingredients for Safety

  • Manufacturers can add almost anything in CBD oils and tinctures to claim more benefits. You may find CBD products that contain vitamins, minerals, or other nutrients. These ingredients are not dangerous by themselves but may end up harming your dog.

    For example, heavy doses of calcium can lead to skeletal problems in large dogs, according to WebMD. Or, taking too much vitamin D can result in muscle atrophy or bone loss. Even too much vitamin A can cause dehydration and joint problems in canines.

    As a result, it’s better to stick to products that contain only CBD and nothing else. Ensure you always read the label to know more about the ingredients before giving the product to your dog.


    • Go for organic and non-GMO products for more safety
    • Determine if your dog really needs CBD
    • Talk to your vet for safe advice
  • Review CBD Product for Impurities and Heavy Metals

  • CBD comes from hemp plants that are products of agriculture. Therefore, it’s best if the manufacturer sources raw materials from farms that follow farming best practices. You should also ensure your product doesn’t contain any harmful substances like pesticides or heavy metals. They can be toxic to dogs and cause serious health problems.

    The cannabis family has a reputation for clearing toxins from soil. There have been cases where farmers planted hemp plants to decontaminate the earth from toxic substances. Even farmers in Chernobyl used the same technique to remove radioactive contaminants from soil.

    Generally, hemp converts the contaminants into harmless substances. However, we can never be too sure as some contaminants may turn up in hemp extracts. As a result, test your CBD product to ensure it’s free from harmful substances and impurities.

    Choose CO2 Extracted CBD

    Manufacturers use two main processes to extract CBD from hemp, CO2 extraction and solvent extraction.

    Solvent extraction is the traditional method where CBD is derived from hemp plants using solvents like toluene or hexanes. Sometimes manufacturers use solvents made from petroleum that can emerge in trace quantities in the final product to harm your pets.

    An excellent way to avoid this challenge is to go for CBD extracted using CO2. The process uses carbon dioxide to pressurize hemp plant parts into releasing CBD. You don’t have any solvents or petroleum products that create questions about the safety of the product.

    Alternatively, you can look for CBD products made with organic solvents. However, CO2 extraction gives you more for your money with high levels of potency.

  • Be Careful of Artificial Flavoring, Colors, and Preservatives

  • Many dogs don’t like the grassy or earthy taste of CBD oils or treats. As a result, many manufacturers sell flavored CBD products to make them more appealing to pets.

    These artificially flavored products can contain substances that are harmful to dogs. A common example is Xylitol, a kind of artificial sweetener used in countless human and pet products.

    According to the American Kennel Club, Xylitol can put your dog’s health at risk. It can make your pet sick and lead to severe consequences like liver damage. In some cases, Xylitol has even been responsible for causing death in dogs.

    In addition, artificial preservatives can also put your pet’s well being into question. You should be wary of artificial preservatives like:

    • BHT
    • BHA
    • Ethoxyquin

    These preservatives can be carcinogenic and even worsen allergies in pets. Therefore, look for CBD products that use natural preservatives like vitamin E and rosemary.

    Moreover, try to avoid products that come with artificial coloring. The most questionable colors include Red 40, Yellow 5 & 6, and Blue 2. These can also create negative consequences for your dog.

    As a result, it is of utmost importance to be sure of what you are giving to your pets. You can buy unflavored CBD products or read the label thoroughly to find out the ingredients. Research any substance you aren’t aware of to see if it can harm your dog.

    Additionally, stay away from artificial colors and preservatives.

  • Never Give Your Dog Human CBD Products

  • Do you have the habit of passing your CBD gummies to your dog?

    Humans and animals are not made in the same way. You will find countless differences, including how we digest food and react to things.

    Therefore, it is never a good idea to give your pets human products. You might be safe having your CBD oil with 2% THC, but not your dog. Anything over 0.3% THC can be problematic for pets and cause side effects, including toxicity.

    Additionally, human and pet products are formulated differently. The vitamins in your supplement may work wonders for you, but the same can put your dog at risk.

    As a result, always choose CBD products made for pets, especially dogs. A reliable manufacturer will always make its products safe for pets to avoid dents to its reputation.

    In addition, pet products will have doses suited for animals with their safety in mind.

    Always Consult Your Vet before Starting CBD

    We are advised to seek medical advice before we try a new supplement. Shouldn’t you do the same for your pets?

    Unfortunately, vets in most US states cannot recommend or prescribe CBD. However, they are free to discuss the pros and cons and its safety implications. Moreover, a medical professional is the best person to tell you whether your dog needs CBD.

    Additionally, vets can advise you on the right serving size based on your dog’s size, age, and medical history. You can also learn about more things you need to look out for based on your dog’s breed.

    So, always consult a vet before giving CBD to your dog.

    Final Thoughts

    CBD holds a great promise for pets, including dogs. It can help them deal with stressful situations and manage aggressive behavior. CBD may also promote sleep and support mobility in joint problems. In addition, it can aid the treatment of seizures and stimulate appetite. Scientists are still researching the benefits of CBD, and many more are yet to come.

    Pet parents should always adopt caution while giving CBD to dogs. Never buy a product with more than 0.3% THC and stay away from artificial colors or flavoring. In addition, review the products for contaminants like heavy metals and pesticides for complete safety.

    Ultimately, you should always opt to educate yourself more on CBD and can do so by reading other information analysis’ on the effects of CBD by  reading our blog.